*Board president Terry Hinkle announces search for New Exec

*Two board members resign

*Volunteer computer educator joins board with another new board member

*9 employees and a number of volunteers have left

*Effort to recall entire board fails with the root of the call being accusations regarding bullying and harassing Senior Center employees against the Board Chair that he was bullying and harassing Senior Center employees.

*Board chair said he and other board members wanted an audit performed of the Senior Center and the finances that were overseen by the former Exec, after finding some “discrepancies” in the numbers.

*board hires attorney to help mediate future tasks
*Board chair says board meetings will no longer be open to members of the public. 
This situation is definitely a sh**mess all around.  First, I would offer that an attorney is generally, not based on my experience with similar situations, the optimal strategy for addressing the mess and future.  Unless this is actually a governance and/or hr specialist.  Next, Closing meetings to the public, now that the laundry has been aired publicly, is a bad public messaging and will certainly not enhance the ability to seek donations.  Finally, there is much work to be done publicly and internally to rebuild relationships, address structural challenges and rethink the role of the board and exec.  First step: hire an interim.